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5 Letter Words & The Explosion of Wordle

Wordle: A Global Phenomenon

Wordle’s ascent to global fame is a tale of simplicity and intrigue. This word puzzle game, captivating millions of gamers in the year 2020, has turned the humble 5-letter word into a daily challenge. Peaking at a staggering number of 2 million global players, Wordle's reach is undeniable and turning your everyday 5-letter words into mysteries to be solved.

Continual Freshness in Puzzles

Wordle has presented a vast array of puzzles, each day offering a fresh 5-letter word. This constant renewal ensures that players remain engaged and challenged. With over 900 puzzles to date and over 8,000 5-letter words available in the Scrabble dictionary arsenal, we think it’s safe to say it’s going to be a long time before Wordle runs out of steam for those long-term dedicated players. 

Beyond Wordle: Other 5-Letter Word Games

While Wordle certainly leads the pack, other 5-letter word games have also captured the interest of word enthusiasts around the globe, keeping the mystery alive daily.

  • WORDMASTER — Similar to Wordle in rules and tries, except you have no limit to how many times you can play. If you can’t get enough Wordle, Wordmaster should be your next go-to.

  • QUORDLE — Rather than trying to solve one puzzle, the player needs to complete four at once. This significantly increases the difficulty, making Quordle the perfect game for players who don’t consider regular Wordle to be much of a challenge.

  • DORDLE — This game, as the name implies, challenges you to solve two 5-letter word puzzles at the same time. So, similar to how Quordle is basically four times as challenging as Wordle, Dordle offers twice the challenge of the original Wordle. 

  • ABSURDLE — Absurdle gives you an endless number of chances to solve the 5-letter word puzzle, but there’s a major catch: The answers can change depending on the words you try.

2023 5-Letter Wordle Word Statistics

Trying to see the bigger picture when it comes to Wordle? Here are some fun (and accurate) Wordle statistics from 2023 to settle any of the puzzling intrigue.

  • The least common letter is a tie between J and Q — It was used in only 6 puzzles.

  • The most common letter is E — It was used in 172 puzzles. That accounts for 20% of the total puzzles in 2023. 

  • The least common vowel is U — It was only used in 69 puzzles in 2023.

  • There were two puzzles that contained 0 vowels and two puzzles that contained 4 vowels. — For context, those would be LYMPH, WRYLY, EERIE, and QUEUE.

  • The most common consonant is R — Sitting at 118 uses in 2023, it was closely followed by L at 113, then S at 106.

  • The most common starting letter is S — By 61 puzzles, at that! The next closest is C at 34 puzzles.

  • The most common ending letter is E — Sitting at 78 puzzles. Closely followed by Y at 63 puzzles!

  • There were 5 puzzles that used the same letter three times — MELEE, EERIE, NANNY, POPPY, and TATTY.

  • There were 7 puzzles that used two letters two times — ONION, FREER, TENET, QUEUE, LLAMA, VERVE, and ASSAY.

  • No puzzles started with X or Y — Which feels fair. Similarly, no puzzles ended with J, Q, U, or V.

5 Letter Word Statistics for 20235 Letter Word Statistics for 2023

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