30+ Animals That Start With J

Ana Hernandez • Apr 29, 2024 • 1 min read
Animals That Start With J
WordFinder via Shutterstock
From the stealthy Jaguar prowling through the jungle scenes in adventure movies to the jubilant Jackdaw that might as well have been part of any pirate crew, each of these animals that start with J holds a special place in both nature and our imaginations.

Think of this as a safari where you don't need binoculars. We’ll meet quick-moving Jerboas, sky-high flying Jays, and many more. Get ready to meet some of the coolest animals that start with J.

Mammals That Start With J

  • Jackal

  • Jaguar

  • Jerboa

  • Javanese

  • Jabiru

  • Javelina

  • Jersey Cattle

Birds That Start With J

  • Jay

  • Junco

  • Jacana

  • Jackdaw

  • Javan

  • Junglefowl

  • Jabiru

  • Jacamar

  • Juniper

  • Javan Myna

Reptiles and Amphibians That Start With J

  • Jackydragon

  • Javelin

  • Jackson's Chameleon

  • Japanese Newt

Fish That Start With J

  • Jack

  • Jawfish

  • John Dory

  • Jewel Cichlid

  • Javelin Fish

  • Johnny Darter

Insects and Invertebrates That Start With J

  • Jewel Beetle

  • Juniper Hairstreak

  • Japanese Beetle

  • Jumping Spider

  • June Beetle

And just like that, we've zipped through the “J” section of our animal adventure. From the Jackal's cunning to the Jerboa’s speed, these animals never fail to impress. Remember these fascinating creatures on your next outdoor trip or visit to the zoo. Maybe you’ll even spot a 'J' animal in the wild!